Uniform Policy

All school attire must conform to dress code standards to support a safe and academically appropriate environment. All scholars who have inappropriate attire or whose clothing is in violation of the school dress code policy will receive a dress code violation.
Parents will be contacted when a uniform violation occurs and will be requested to bring clothes that adhere to the uniform policy.
If a parent or guardian cannot be reached, students will be given loaners to wear for the day.
Repeated dress code violations may result in a loss of recess, campus beautification, parent conference, loss of after school program enrollment, and/or referral to the Discipline Committee.

Uniform Polo Shirts: 

  • Each student will receive one free school polo shirt
  • Addition School polos shirts may be purchased for $10 each in the front office*.

* If  particular uniform sizes of students are not available, students must wear a solid black or gray polo(purchased at your local clothing store) until new sizes arrive. 



  • Suggested student bottom colors include blue, black, gray, or khaki
  • Jeans, sweats  that are non- ripped/torn are allowed 


  • No open toe shoes or flip flops (i.e. including crocs/croc-like shoes).

School Spirit Days:

  • Scholars may wear a school t-shirt or college shirt on Thursdays. Scholars may wear clothing associated with the various school spirit days that take place throughout the year (i.e. jerseys).