About Us

Where your child gets their education is an important decision with many factors to take into consideration. iEmpire understands how big of a deal it is that parents trust us to help their child succeed. We do not take this role lightly and as such, we have dedicated much of our time and resources to training highly qualified  teachers. Through weekly professional development and teacher collaboration, teachers gain the knowledge and skills necessary to offer high-quality lessons that engage students to think critically, using various learning styles. These lessons include a research-based curriculum and instructional practices that provide our students with an optimal learning experience relevant to their interests, experiences, and the world in which they live. 


In addition to an exceptional learning experience, we also provide our students and families with a free universal breakfast and lunch, a full-day TK & Kinder program, 1 to1 computers for every classroom, after-school tutoring opportunities, and an after-school program.


Our after-school programs offer various learning opportunities for all ages including IXL & LS, spelling bee, foreign language, coding, sports, gardening, arts and crafts, film, performing arts, and homework. 


Our campus hosts daily security officers, and we teach students to be kind and seek out win-win situations in order to overcome social challenges. We believe in the importance of mental health and provide students with emotional support by connecting them with counselors and community partners.


With all that we have to offer, we are confident that you will find that iEmpire Academy is the place to be if your family is looking for a welcoming, high-quality education in the San Bernardino-Highland area.